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Vocal Cord Problems (or) Voice Problems
The most common problems are Vocal nodules, Cysts, Vocal cord ulcerisation, Papilloma (benign growth) Sulcas vocalis, Vocal cord paralysis etc.
Vocal cord nodules Vocal Cord Polyp Thyroid cancer extend into windpipe
Voice abuse is the most common cause of damage to vocal cords.
Fiber Optic Endoscopy can diagnose these conditions.
Voice change
Hoarseness of voice
Voice strain
In case of Papilloma or Benign tumors depending on the size of mass they may develop breathing problem and   children may develop severe breathing obstruction, (strider)

Vocal Laser surgery
Fiber Optic flexible video endoscopy and laser treatment is a simple and accurate method. In Laser treatment no external cutting, no bleeding, no anesthesia and patient can walk-in and walk- out.
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