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Special Cases
Tracheostamy hole closed permanently: Severe breathing trouble due to Papilloma (small masses)in air passage:
An elderly gentleman of 87 years with tracheostomy opening in his windpipe had severe breathing trouble due to paralysis of both vocal cords. The patient wanted to have natural breathing and voice. This patient was not fit to undergo any surgery by usual methods. Laser surgery was performed on his vocal cords and he was able to go home in half an hour. The tracheostamy hole was closed permanently after one week. The polypi was laserised with fibre optic video endoscope.
Voice problem due to mass on the vocal cord: Hoarseness of voice due to small nodules on both vocal cords:
The mass was laserised without any damage to the margins of the vocal cord. This patient was a professional singer and wanted to have his clear voice back. Laserisation was done to remove the small nodules. After three weeks, video endoscopy showed healthy and normal vocal cords and the singer got back his clear voice.
Difficulty to speak for a longer time: Thyroid cancer extending into wind-pipe:
This patient was a teacher and had difficulty in speaking continuously for a long time due to polyp on the vocal cord. The polyp was laserised. The patient had severe breathing problem due to thyroid cancer extending into his wind-pipe. For this type of problem, the thyroid, voice box, and part of the wind-pipe which was in a very mutilated condition had to be removed. After thyroidectomy, the mass in the windpipe was laserised. This was a life saving and conservative procedure.
Very Extraordinary Case:

A 17 year old boy had a tumor in the nasal area which was pushing against one of his eye balls. The skull had to be operated upon to remove the tumor successfully. The details of this surgery was published in an article in Medivision (Indian Express) in 1997.

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