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Special Investigation Facilities
hearing Evaluation:
1 Audiogram - To know the Hearing loss
2 Impedance - To evaluate ear function & the cause of Hearing loss
For Giddiness patients we can asses, the type of Giddiness, the severity and the cause. So we can treat the Giddiness accordingly. 
Polysomnogram : sleep Lab
For Snoring patients and sleep apnoea. The function of Heart, Brain, Breathing capacity, O2saturation in the blood nomsa of Apnolic Episodes (capsation of Breath) will be studied throughout the night.

Accordingly we can asses the status of the patient and select the treatment of choice

Nasal and Sinus Endoscopy
To diagnose the nasal and sinus related problems in depth. Even the cancers in the Nose, Behind nose and sinuses can be detected early. 
FibreOptic Video Laryngo-bronchoscope.
Vocal cord problems like nodules, ulcers, growths and cancers can be detected early. Tracheal and Bronchial problems like stenosis, growths and tumors of windpipe and specific infective conditions can be diagnosed early.
1 Early Procedure 
2 No anesthesia
3 In depth visualization with clarity and magnification