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Latest Operation Theatre Equipments
Laser Technology
Used to perform EAR, SINUS, NOSE, VOCALCORD, WINDPIPE, HEAD & NECK surgeries.
Advantages of Laser
World’s most latest surgical technique for precise incision.
Enhanced safety.
Minimal scar.
Bloodless surgery.
Better and quick healing.
Painless or very minimal discomfort.
Fibre Optic Flexible Video Bronchoscope
Used to perform vocal cord and wind pipe problems
Sinus endoscopes and debrider
Used to perform Sinus, Skull Base, Pituitory Surgeries.
Operating Microscope
With digital recording facility used for ear and vocal surgeries.
Used for examining vocal problems. To treat the critical patients in the ICU (Bronchial Suctioning) and in difficult intubations for anesthesia. This facility can be extended to any hospital where it is needed.
L&T Vital sign Monitor
For ECG, NIBP Pulse Oximetry and dual temperature with TFT display. Used in the operation theatre and postoperative ward.
Laser System Flexible Fiber Optic Bronchoscope
Sinus Endoscope Operating Microscope
Portable Fiber Optic Endoscope L & T Vital sign Monitor
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