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List of Heath Care Services
Paramount Health Care Management Ltd.
TTK Health Care Services Private Limited.
Family Health Plan Limited.
United Health Care India Pvt Ltd. (Parekh Health Management Pvt. Ltd.
Good Health Plan Limited
Dawn Services Pvt Ltd
Medicare TPA Services (1) Pvt. Ltd
Med Save Health Care Ltd
Health India-Bhaichand Amoluk Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd
Alankit Health Care Limited
Vipul Medcorp Pvt.Ltd
Focus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd 
East West Assist Pvt. Ltd
Medi Assist India Pvt. Ltd
Universal Medi-Aid Services Limited
E-Meditek Solutions Limited
Guardian Health Management Pvt. Ltd
MD India Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd
Anyta Medinet Health Care Pvt. Ltd
Dedicated Health Care Services Pvt. Ltd
Grand Health Care Services India Pvt. Ltd
Anmol Medicare Ltd
Star Health Care Services for Govt. employees
Star Health & Allied Insurance
List of Corporate Services
Indian Bank
Vijaya Bank
Reserve Bank of India