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Facial Paralysis (Bell's palsy)
This is the sudden facial weakness due to swelling of the facial nerve.
Most often the patient gives the history of exposure to the cool weather for a day or two 
before the onset of this problem
The cause is not known but mostly described as a viral infection causing swelling of the nerve.
The Facial Palsy patient cannot wrinkle their forehead.
They cannot close their eyelids on the same side.
The angle of the mouth will be deviating to the opposite side.
Steroids are the treatment of choice. This treatment should be started immediately of the onset of paralysis.
Other Causes of Facial Paralysis
Traumatic Facial palsy - Any accident involving the Skull or during any Ear surgery facial nerve will be damaged accidentally.
Ear and Mastoid Diseases Sometimes will erode the facial nerve bonycanal and damages the facial nerve.
Tumors - Either benign or malignant tumors can cause facial nerve damage due to either compression or by involving the facial nerve.
Nerve Conduction Test can evaluate the facial nerve condition and accordingly the treatment can be planned.
If the nerve is intact the Facial Nerve decompression will be sufficient to improve the condition.
If the Nerve is cut the grafting must be done.
If the Ear disease causing the damage the disease must be radically cleared and Facial Nerve must be decompressed.
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