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Chitras ENT hospital has world's latest diagnostic & surgical equipments. It is a 15 bed hospital. The driving force behind this sophisticated Hospital is Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah. The gentle but powerful motivation for Dr. Krishnaiah's service mind is his kind heart. His goal while operating on his patients is to be safe & alleviate the patients suffering with minimal discomfort.
"To make myself a safe surgeon, it took ten years of hard work & God given opportunity to operate 7200 patients..." said Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah, while starting the Hospital. Today he has completed more than 11,000 operations & is continuing his mission, to achieve his vision.
Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah's Mission:
  • To strive for perfection, and in the process give back to this world the confidence, reliability & dependability. 
  • Equally important, the relief of pain & suffering.
Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah's Vision:
  • To incorporate Technology, Infrastructure, and expertise into a truly specialized surgical skill to produce the best, safest and most economical treatment for the needy. 
  • To train dozens of junior surgeons as safe & skillful specialists.
"Though endoscopy came to India about a decade ago, It took nearly
five years to create it's awareness among the people...
" said Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah in an interview to medivision in 1997. Today the scenario is changing. The worlds latest & best ENT equipments find their way into Chitra's ENT Laser Surgery hospital, where patients could have the best treatment as good as the best in the world.
Our hospital uses Latest Operation Theatre equipments
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