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Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah
M.S. F.I.C.S.
The Medical Director of the Chitras ENT Laser Surgery Institution,  Dr.Ch.Krishnaiah, has nearly 18 years of experience in ENT surgery. He is a gold medalist in micro surgery and a specialist in laser surgery. As a reputed surgeon, he has been a consultant to patients in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, and patients come seeking him from all over Asia and also NRI's from USA.
"India efficient in Medical field..." was his view in an interview way back in 1997. Today he not only believes that India is efficient in the Medical field but also contributes his effort towards bringing quality health care to everyone, affordably. He has far to go with his wealth of knowledge, capacity for quick diagnosis and above all his humanitarian attitude which marks
him out in his chosen field.
Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah with 
Gold Medal for Micro Surgery
Dr. Abdul Kalam was the chief guest in the function in which Dr. Ch. Krishnaiah received FICS from the International Council President, Dr. Raymond Dieter Jr. USA
Award from Dr. Peter Samuel, London With Australian doctors With Dr. Hiranandani New Delhi